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Underwater:  The Making Of The
Key West Nutcracker
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A ballet production as immense as Joyce Stahl’s vision of the Nutcracker, Key West takes many hours of dedication from everyone involved. 

While the photos and descriptions below are a small subset of those players, this film chronicles the beginnings of what all involved hope to be an long term investment in the future of holiday happiness productions of Nutcracker, Key West.  

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Karen Leonard, Film  Producer, Director

Key West, Florida resident Karen Leonard discovered the magic of film and digital media after many years of directing children’s theater as a teacher in New York City.

In her first feature length documentary Underwater, she examines the story of a woman driven to produce the world’s most famous ballet while facing extreme conditions.

Karen and her subject share the experience of being challenged by their dreams and making them a reality.  From this director’s point of view, the performing and visual arts and the people that create them, are an endless supply of rich material.

Quincy Perkins, Editor 

An integral spoke in the wheel of film making, Quincy Perkins, editor, worked closely with Leonard to splice the video clips that create Underwater.

Joyce Stahl, Nutcracker, Key West Producer

This woman’s vision of swimming sugar plum tropical fish, mini dancing chicks, and fighting between roosters and Conch sailors will be transformed on Key West’s holiday stage for years to come. Her perseverance, ingenuity, and love of the arts is seen in the great detail she provides for the production. 

Underwater depicts the immense struggle Stahl went through during the 2005 hurricane season to bring enjoyment of the arts to a community in hardship.

The Key West family would like to thank her for her tireless efforts to bring holiday joy to the stage.

Mike Boyer, Set Designer

This visionary was able to mold Stahl’s goal of an underwater holiday dream, which was no easy task.

Mike Boyer is an inventive designer who was the head supervisor for the construction of the beautiful sets in Nutcracker, Key West.

Larry Smith, Composer, Musician

This well known local celebrity in the Key West music scene, wrote five beautiful songs which debut with the World Premier of  Underwater, The Making of the Key West Nutcracker.

Smith can be seen at the Pier House Piano Bar on the island showcasing in harmony with his lovely wife, Christine Cardone, and other great Key West vocalists.

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